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Bespoke Cabinet Maker For Carlisle & Cumbria Homes

For your special place, that you call home, you want something equally special, when it comes to a custom cabinet. That is exactly what Craig at CRJ Carpentry is here to provide. There are many situations where a custom-built cabinet, dresser, or set of drawers might be the final touch for a room.

Craig is happiest when he is able to create customized cabinets for your house, home office or place of work. He has spent 20 years refining his cabinetry skills to get superb results for his customers.

CRJ - The Creative Cabinet Maker in Cumbria

As the skilled craftsman Craig specialises in creating cabinets and other pieces that are not only functional and practical; but real works of art as well. Carpenters know that bespoke wooden furniture should be as beautiful as it is sturdy, and that a special choice of sustainably sourced wood, solid traditional wood construction and top-quality finishes can be combined in a variety of different ways.

Whether you are looking for high quality, spacious storage solutions or fitted wardrobes for an overcrowded bedroom, bespoke cabinets for a kitchen installation that will tackle the clutter, or smart practical cabinets and shelves for your home office, you can rely on CRJ Carpentry to turn your dreams of a more organised, relaxing home into a reality.

At CRJ Carpentry, Craig specialises in creating the highest quality cabinets at a price Cumbria’s homeowners can afford. Craig’s customers have inspired him to take care of the finer details of woodworking that set bespoke joinery apart from standard joinery manufacturing.

The Cumbrian cabinet maker you can trust

The design and manufacture of bespoke cabinets destined for the kitchens and bedrooms of Cumbria homes can be the most satisfying part of his work. The beautiful custom pieces he designs and creates also seem to be the projects that bring real joy to his customers. Call Craig to get started on your own quality, bespoke piece:

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