Bespoke Joinery Design

Bespoke Joinery Design in Carlisle

Bespoke Joinery Design in Carlisle

At CRJ Carpentry Craig Jones specialises in turning dreams into reality, in wood. His joinery design service in Carlisle can be relied on to bridge the gap between your idea, the space it has to fit and the final product or solution. CRJ Carpentry has found ways of creating everything from modern, high profile cabinets for kitchens to space saving storage solutions for bathrooms and utility rooms.

Carefully Designed Bespoke Joinery For You

There are no woodworking projects that are too small, or too big, for Craig’s expert joinery manufacturing design process. He’s a talented professional who can turn the bespoke joinery ideas that Carlisle residents dream of, into the reality they have been looking for. His custom joinery projects are designed to make your home, your business or any other space into a thing of beauty. If you can dream it, Craig can make it happen.

Throughout the years he has helped many Cumbria residents and businesses retrofit their existing homes and offices. CRJ Carpentry solutions have included fitted wardrobes to fit their bedrooms exactly. Craig has created designs for smart storage solutions in their kitchens and pantries. His expert joinery skills have then crafted the finished product for almost every possible room in modern homes and heritage buildings.

Craig has also assisted home buyers kit out their new homes. CRJ Carpentry’s design services have helped them out by creating bespoke solutions for their new kitchen installations. Craig’s 20 years of expertise have enabled him to come up with a bespoke staircase designs that help them make better use of limited space in a small house.

Unique Joinery Solutions For Your Business

Craig’s residential services are well thought of throughout the north of Cumbria, but serving homeowners is only part of what he does. At CRJ Carpentry Craig also provides a range of services for business clients. This includes the highest quality, commercial joinery design that helps business owners improve the efficiency of their business. CRJ’s interior woodwork design services can help you create a setting that pleases your customers, your employees and wows your investors.

 At CRJ Carpentry every product sold, every service provided and every piece of bespoke joinery completed is designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards.

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Whether you are moving into an existing home, building a brand new one or running a thriving business, you can benefit from our bespoke joinery design services. From bespoke furniture design, to the expert installation of the final product, you'll find that CRJ Carpentry’s bespoke joinery doesn't really cost you more - it gets you more! Once you experience the difference for yourself, we are sure you will agree.

If you are ready to turn your own dreams into a wooden reality, all it takes to get started is a phone call. Craig will work closely with you to turn your dreams into reality, crafted in sustainably sourced wood anywhere in Carlisle, Cumbria and the Lake District. CRJ’s joinery services are dedicated to the satisfaction of his residential and business clients throughout the region.

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