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Bespoke Furniture Maker in Cumbria

Bespoke Furniture Makers in Cumbria

At CRJ Carpentry I love to turn your ideas for a custom furniture piece into reality. I specialise in creating the highest quality bespoke furniture in Cumbria. My previous customers suggest that our wooden furniture is second to none in terms of quality, workmanship, attention to creative detail and elegant beauty.

If you have been looking for a creative carpenter near Carlisle, you have come to the right place. At CRJ Carpentry I don't just treat a piece of wood furniture as a job of work. For me it becomes a labour of love.

Handmade In Cumbria

A unique piece of wooden furniture for your home or your business meeting room can make all the difference. When it's been hand crafted by one of Cumbria's native furniture makers, from sustainably sourced wood it can add an extra degree of satisfaction for you. 

In many circumstances, ordinary furniture pieces will do just fine, but sometimes a room or a space needs something a little more unique! At home you might be looking for a set of bespoke bedroom furniture that sets off a guest room. Perhaps your living room would look and feel much more homely with a coffee table or dining table that fits your room more naturally than a shop bought piece.

Outside, you might be tired of run of the mill plastic chairs and tables. Have you got an idea for some bespoke garden furniture that would be more in keeping with your beautifully managed garden? We can deliver custom designed benches, picnic tables, planters, fences... even swings and tree benches painstakingly crafted by Craig and his assistants.

The Cumbrian furniture maker you can trust

At CRJ Carpentry I am your trained and experienced, time served carpenter. I put a great deal of love into every piece I craft for my valued customers. I’ll evaluate each design request. Then I will work hard to turn each bespoke idea into something solid.

I build each piece by hand, one top quality piece at a time. But that's enough about me. CRJ Carpentry is about bringing your ideas to life in wood!

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